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Sleep I miss thee

Posted in Personal on 12/01/2013 by Undersys

A Book???

A book and no sleep :D


Shenzhen Electronics Market

Posted in Personal on 03/09/2012 by Undersys

This will be my last post for a while as I have a big side project on the go. More on that much later on approx early 2013.

Today I went to visit the Shenzhen Electronics Market in China. Its only 40mins away from where I live so its not hard to get to.
If you are ever in China do stop by the Shenzhen Electronics Market. You want the Huaqiang Rd stop on the
Luobao Line line, take exit “A” .
My favorite two shopping centers are the SEG plaza and the Huaqiang electronics world. Seg is a massive 12 story building that has everything from small components all the way up to full PC’s and laptops. (careful about fake goods). Huaqiang electronics world is in the Huaqiang building and has an amazing range of every component and chip VGA chips, MCH’s, DRAM everything you wanted and did not want! Its also quite tall at five stories.

Some DRAM by the tray..


Hear is SEG, well part of it it huge.
Some reels of components:-
And small stores of LCD:-

You can see all the pictures on my flicker

New system!

Posted in Personal, Projects on 17/05/2012 by Undersys

Well its done.

The last few months I’ve been working on a new system to replace my laptop.

Specs :-
* Asus  Maximus IV GENE-Z/GEN3
* Intel Core i7 2600s
* 16GB DDR 3
* 1x Corsair M3pro 256gb SSD SATA 6g
* 2x Hitachi 2.5″ 500gb 7200RPM SATA 6G HDD’s
* Zotac Geforce 460se
* Seasonic X series 650w

Cooling :-
* XSPC raystorm
* XSPC Full cover block for Geforce 460
* Black ice SR 2×120 Radiator
* Swiftech DDC 2.3 with XSPC top
* Bitspower multi res
* Tygon 3/8ID hose
* late-loom fans

On Desk :-
* Dell U3011 , Wall mounted
* Asus SBW-06D2X-U USB bluray BDXL writer
* Ducky 82key mechanical keyboard (brown switches)
*  Logitech Marathon cordless mouse
* Pair of Genelec 8020a

Running Gentoo of course !
Idle Temps are CPU 38c | GPU 34c Celsius.
Conky set up to monitor temp’s fan and pump RPM’s and HK current weather including warnings
You can see the images of the build on my flicker

Hears a teaser..


Hears a shot of my Conky  :-








Leave me a note if you want the scripts and conkyrc.

New Rack

Posted in Personal on 05/11/2011 by Undersys

Hears my new 42ru rack, holds all  my kit with lots of air circulation.

You can see the full set of images on my flicker.

From top to bottom :-
* ISP’s modem on the left (vdsl2+ 100/30mbit)  and a Buffalo wifi AP running dd-wrt on the right
*  Cisco 1812 terminating the PPPoE session from the above modem.
* Cisco 3500XL 48 port switch
* Sun Sparc Neta X1 running OpenBSD
* Dual Intel sossaman , socket 479 ,  Supermicro board X6DLP-EG2. Running Gentoo
* Just a rack shelf :)
* Custom HP zx2000 Itanium2 workstation. I modded it into a 4ru rack case.  Running OpenVMS,HP-UX and Gentoo
* Dual Opteron 2214, Supermicro board H8DME-2. Running ESXi 5
* HP J6750 Dual PA-risk 2.0  750mhz. Running HP-UX and Gentoo.
* IBM Power 4+ 275 workstation dual core 1.4ghz . Running AIX 5.5 and Gentoo.
* Next to the IBM is a Dell DDS 4 Tape drive for the HP J6750.

If you want any more info or config info leave me a message..

Personal Post…

Posted in Personal on 18/09/2011 by Undersys

Ya we all hate them…

Living In Hong Kong now…

Just got my new rack set up and my servers shipped over.  Just got a 100/30mbit connection to my new house.

Watch out for more server posts and new embedded boards and dev kit.
Also my thoughts on a new keyboard… mechanical all the way..

Le Pig is moving Countries

Posted in Personal on 27/10/2010 by Undersys

I said its been quite, theres a reason for this…

I’ll be moving to Hong Kong in the next few weeks.
I won’t have time to do anything but pack!
HK is amazing tech wise people doing SMD rework in the street, shopping centers of computer parts old and new.
Its a bit of a shift for me, no more big H/W or servers.

We will be getting back to code and projects a little more.

We shall see!

Sorry for all the person posts. No one gives a shit its more just to let you know whats coming. :)


Posted in Personal on 10/10/2010 by Undersys

I don’t like to be lazy or nothing to do. I like to have more projects then I have time for.

Currently though I have something that I need to sort.
There will be more, look our for up coming post around Zimbra OCS mail server.
Just don’t expect it to quick…