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Le Pig is moving Countries

Posted in Personal on 27/10/2010 by Undersys

I said its been quite, theres a reason for this…

I’ll be moving to Hong Kong in the next few weeks.
I won’t have time to do anything but pack!
HK is amazing tech wise people doing SMD rework in the street, shopping centers of computer parts old and new.
Its a bit of a shift for me, no more big H/W or servers.

We will be getting back to code and projects a little more.

We shall see!

Sorry for all the person posts. No one gives a shit its more just to let you know whats coming. :)



Posted in Personal on 10/10/2010 by Undersys

I don’t like to be lazy or nothing to do. I like to have more projects then I have time for.

Currently though I have something that I need to sort.
There will be more, look our for up coming post around Zimbra OCS mail server.
Just don’t expect it to quick…