Nice rack…

Its been a little slow recently…  things to come will become more apparent soon.

For now lets take a look at my rack.
Click it to get the full image.. dumb ass word press

From top to bottom
1) Cisco 3500 XL 48 port and 2 GBIC slots with fiber up-link to another switch
2) (From left to right) Billion ADSL2+ modem, PIC based web server, DDS4 tape drive
3) Cisco 1812 Router ADSL bridged from Billion ADSL modem
4) Sun Netra X1 running OpenBSD as my SSH gateway
5) Dual Opteron box running ESXi 4 ( 24gb ram 2x dual core 2214, 8x HDD)
6) Dual Intel Sossaman 1.6ghz 4gb ram low power running Gentoo
7) Hp zx2000 Itanium 2 running HP-UX,OpenVMS, Windows 2008 srv and gentoo Linux
8) HP J6750 dual 750mhz PA-RISC 16gb ram running HP-UX and Gentoo

I’ve also got an IBM POWER 4+ dual core 1.4ghz with 4gb ram running AIX 5 and Gentoo Linux.
Unfortunately this won’t ever fit  into my rack and weights around 40kgs… for a midtower… nice work IBM

Since Oracles handling of Sun, I’ve gotten rid of all my big Sun boxes SPARC and x86.

As allways you can find more on my flicker


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