IBM QS20 — Firmware Update

Normally on the IBM blade stuff, you can update the F/W via the blade management page.
Like I keep saying… the IBM chassis has no control over the QS20.
So F/W needs to be updated via Linux.

The latest F/W is QA-06.14.0-0G. It can be found at IBM :-
IBM e1350 cluster QS20 node firmware v8.03

Download the file “” to the local blade.

Follow the following steps :-
Commands typed are in italics

# unzip
#mkdir /etc/microcode
# cp QA-06.14.0-0G-boot_rom.bin /etc/microcode/
# update_flash -f /etc/microcode/QA-06.14.0-0G-boot_rom.bin

This should return with :-
info: Temporary side will be updated with a newer or
identical image

Projected Flash Update Results:
Current T Image: QA061400D
Current P Image: QA061400D
New T Image:     QA061400G
New P Image:     QA061400D
Flash image ready…rebooting the system…

When the system has rebooted and all is ok, commit the new flash image to the primary flash bank.

# update_flash -c

This should return:-
success: Committed temporary firmware image

Check to see if it’s all good via the POST message.

Should look like this :-
CellBlade1 starting. Check Boot ROM…OK, FW is [May 30 2007 08:45:30]
Press “s” to enter Open Firmware.

Modules    = Elpida 256MB, 3200 MHz
XDRlibrary = v0.32, Bin A/C, RevB, DualDD
Calibrate  = |
Scrubbing enabled.

Processor  = Cell BE(TM) DD3.1
I/O Bridge = SB 3.2
Timebase   = 14318 kHz (external)
SMP Size   = 2 (4 threads)
Boot-Date  = 2010-05-23 01:58
Memory     = 1024MB (BE0: 512MB, BE1: 512MB)

SLOF Setup = Adapters:
5000 : 1095 680     Sil0680
SLOF Setup = Ready

Build Ref  = QA-06.14.0-0G@release

Welcome to Open Firmware

Licensed Internal Code – Property of IBM
(c) Copyright IBM Corp. 2005, 2006 All Rights Reserved.
Cell BE is a trademark of SONY Computer Entertainment Inc.

Type ‘boot’  and press return  to  continue  booting  the system.
Type ‘reset-all’  and  press  enter   to   reboot   the   system.

0 >

All good.


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