USB 20×4 LCD

I had some old CrystalFontz 20×4 serial LCD’s around that seemed to have no use.

I also had an issue with having no clock, if my PC’s monitors have gone to sleep.
A perfect use for that 20×4 LCD.. ahh but its serial and I have no real serial ports, only a USB to serial that I use a lot for my serial consoles.

Easy fix, just hack up a spare usb to serial adapter.
I am using lcd4linux . I am not 100% happy with it, its very rudimentary compared to  other lcd software for windows! take lcdsmartie for example..

I’ll post up my lcd4linux.conf when i am happy with it. Currently it just has time, date,cpu temp and current playing song.

Here is a pic :-
More on my flicker


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