Genelec 8020a

I needed a new set of speakers for my PC.
I wanted to get something that would reproduce the music the way it was mastered.

So that leaves me with one choice . A set of Studio monitors.
On advice from a good friend, who knows a lot about this  stuff he told me that Genelec was really good, expensive but good. I happened to get mine at a very good price in near new condition.

I got a set of Genelec 8020a’s They are small bi-amped set of speakers with balanced XLR input.
I will be feeding them out of the balanced 1/4 TRS output from my Edirol UA-25EX

Hear is some specs :-
Input format:- Analog
Maximum short time sine wave acoustic output at 1 m on axis in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz:- ≥ 95 dB SPL
Maximum peak acoustic output per pair with music material:- ≥ 105 dB SPL @ 1m
Bass     105 mm (4″)
Treble     19 mm (3/4″) metal dome
Crossover frequencies:- 3 kHz
Free field frequency response:- 66 Hz – 20 kHz (± 2.5 dB)
Amplifier power /ch:-
Bass     20 W
Treble     20 W

Full specs Genelec 8020a
Flicker images


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