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Genelec 8020a

Posted in Personal on 17/12/2009 by Undersys

I needed a new set of speakers for my PC.
I wanted to get something that would reproduce the music the way it was mastered.

So that leaves me with one choice . A set of Studio monitors.
On advice from a good friend, who knows a lot about this  stuff he told me that Genelec was really good, expensive but good. I happened to get mine at a very good price in near new condition.

I got a set of Genelec 8020a’s They are small bi-amped set of speakers with balanced XLR input.
I will be feeding them out of the balanced 1/4 TRS output from my Edirol UA-25EX

Hear is some specs :-
Input format:- Analog
Maximum short time sine wave acoustic output at 1 m on axis in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz:- ≥ 95 dB SPL
Maximum peak acoustic output per pair with music material:- ≥ 105 dB SPL @ 1m
Bass     105 mm (4″)
Treble     19 mm (3/4″) metal dome
Crossover frequencies:- 3 kHz
Free field frequency response:- 66 Hz – 20 kHz (± 2.5 dB)
Amplifier power /ch:-
Bass     20 W
Treble     20 W

Full specs Genelec 8020a
Flicker images


Fuck your filter!

Posted in Personal on 16/12/2009 by Undersys

Well well..
This sucks hard. My country has just passed a law saying all internet will be filtered by some unpublished black list.

Words can not describe my dislike of this and the hate that I feel for the people whoare behind this and the people who support this.
Slowly we lose all rights…

Hear is the announcement in question
More info can be found at No clean Feed

So whats  this filter got to do with a tech blog?

There will be up coming post on SSL VPN tunnels and ssh with GPG key auth.
We will also talk about how to route all of your internet traffic out of the country in a secure manner.

Oh fun when your government pushes draconian laws down on to the masses

IBM IntelliStation POWER 9114 Model 275 — adding a tape drive

Posted in HowTo, Projects on 06/12/2009 by Undersys

I’ve got some odd hardware..
One of the weirdest boxes would hafto be the IBM power4+ 275 workstation.
It’s over build in typical IBM fashion and it takes about 15mins to turn on.  It checks every part of the system in every detail. nice work
Specs on mire are a dual Power4+ @1.4ghz (single chip dual core), 4gb of ram 2x 36gb SCSI HDD, floppy and tape video ect..
See here for more info, Wiki and IBM
You can find all the manuals and service guides hear

I wanted to add SCSI tape drive (DDS4) into the system. Should be easy right? .. ah no this is IBM there’s a special dam cable for everything! IBM’s doco make no mention of it apart from a part number.
That’s not to helpful for me. I need to know the power pin out of the odd power connector (everything on this box is ODD!) The SCSI plug is easy, it’s just a normal 68pin  plug we can just chop up a bit of old internal UW SCSI cable.
Funny enough the power plug on the back of the Media bay looks just like the 4pin P4 power plug we see on pretty much every ATX power supply now. It also fits perfectly. Now its just a matter of  finding the voltage for each pin and wire that into a molex plug to connect to the tape drive.

Maybe a picture would make this easier :-
Hear you can see the power plug on the back of the media board, the P4 power plug clips right into the socket!

Click For a larger detailed image.

So now we have the voltages of the plug its quite simple to wire this into a molex plug like the below image :-

The above cable is plugged into the media board then into my tape drive, just a normal 4 pin molex power plug and a standard p4 power plug. Clips into the socket perfect no pin changes hacks ect..

Now will it work? I set up my tape drive and used the following command under AIX  :-
# lsdev -Cctape

This should return something like the following:-
“rmt0 Available 06-12-09-3,0 Other SCSI Tape Drive”
From the above we can see its found the tape at SCSI ID 3 and LUN 0.

Test it with the following command :-
# dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/rmt0 bs=256k count=4096

The above chunders 1gb of data in 256k blocks to the tape drive.
This should show no errors or any real status message.

You can view all the images of the mod on my flicker