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PCB is Online

Posted in Personal, Projects on 19/10/2009 by Undersys

My new i7 Build is done..
After 4 months..
PCB is the name of the machine, all my machines are named after electronic components.

I wanted to do something different (for me) so I ended up water cooling an i7 and fully modded the system, custom paint job, custom sleeving ect. I’ve put  a lot of effort into this its also caused me a lot of annoyance, over all it was fun. It also looks good… oh and its very quiet ( that was the original requirement)

Specs :-

* Intel Core i7 950(3.06ghz)
* 12gb kit of OCZ platinum 12800mhz
* EVGA Nvidia 285 Super clocked
* Areca 1222 8 port SAS card
* 4x 1TB Western digital RE3’s
* Pioneer BDC-S02 Blu-Ray burner
* Coolermaster Cosmos S case
* Zalman Multi-fan Controller
* Zalman ZM850-HP PSU
* Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution
* Rolan Edirol  UA-25ex 24bit/96khz (coming soon)

Cooling specs :-

* Heatkiller 3.0 LT
* EK GTX-285 v2 GPU full cover block
* Laing-DDC 3.2 (18w) 12v Pump
* XSPC DCC pump top
* XSPC 3x120mm Dual pass radiator
* Bitspower black sparkle compression fittings.
* Coolermaster Red led “silent” fans ( there not silent, but quite)
* Red tubing ID 3/8″
* Silver Kill coil.
* Distilled water ( no additives)

Under full load with fans on low speed and a room temp of 30c I’ve not gone over 43c on the CPU cores and 45c on the GPU cores. No over-clock. I am pretty happy about that that! I am sure I could get it cooler with the fans at full noise but I really hate fan noise.

OS Specs:-

* 4x 1tb Disks in Raid 10 array (2tb usable space)
* Gentoo 64bit, kernel  2.6.30.  Disks in LVM and EXT4 file system ( of course Linux…)
* Xfce 4.6
I am not finished the final kernel config yet! (although current config works I think I can optimize it more)
I want a fast light low memory desktop I’ve achieved this currently with base apps my desktop eats  600mb of ram.

Color scheme of the build is red and black.
The Cosmos S got a custom black paint job on the inside only,  bare metal looks ugly!
All power cables,fan rpm and data cables are sleeved with red sleeve. Over 50 meters of it…
All Fan, RPM and Led cables are hand made by me.

All power cables are made to fit by hand by me.
PSU has been modded to only have PCI-E and motherboard power, all devices will run from modular plugs.
I chopped out the unneeded ones from the PSU to make it look neater and so that all other devices would be on custom modular cables.
All warranty has been void on that PSU :)

You can see a work log of photo’s from start to end on my flicker

Hears a sample :-

check flicker for more

check flicker for more

Check flicker for more

Check flicker for more

Logitech Cordless Desktop MX5500 Revolution

HP-UX GSP Card – Power Mod

Posted in HowTo, Projects on 19/10/2009 by Undersys

A while a go I picked up a GSP (Guardian Service Processor) PCI card for my HP-UX systems. If you don’t know much about HP’s PA-RISC systems, A GSP is a Lan console so you can connect to the Serial console via HTTP.

You’d expect that a PCI card would draw all voltage from the PCI bus… yeah ok wake me up when that happens..
HP in there smartness have used a little cable, good luck on finding out what or where it goes.

Its a power cable.. 5v exactly.
I recently got hold of a HP J6750 (More on this later) and I wanted to make a mod to power it that was nice and clean. So I found the 5v and GND termination points on the SCSI backplane. Its nice and close to the PCI cage to!
So I just soldered two wires.. easy as.

See images below of final product.
DoneThe Black plug goes to the GSP card
The two white plugs go into each other.
You can see the two solder points on the backplane.

You can see all the pics of each part of the cable and backplane on my flicker

Finaly! my new speakers..

Posted in Personal, Projects on 11/10/2009 by Undersys

While this is not really computer related I don’t normally work on computer stuff with out my music, at home via speakers or at work via my cans.

Many months ago a set off to build my self a new set of stereo speakers (don’t care about home theater!).
After a lot of reading I settled on attempting to build a set of Transmission Line design speakers.
Speakers are positioned in the D’Appolito Configuration.
The two woofers are Vifa P17WJ08. The tweeter is Vifa D27TG. Cross over is hand made.
Painted in Gloss black :)
I’ve put a lot of research into this, I am sure it could be better but It’s taught me a lot!.FreestandYou can see all the images at my flicker