kde or xfce???

This is not a techinical post…

With the biulding of my new pc I want to step back and look at what I did wrong on my current linux install.
There is a lot I am not happy with.
The big one  is KDE, yes its good yes its looks nice blah blah blah, i am not going to turn this into a holy war.
The thing for me  is that my 6 year old dual xeon can’t run kde 4 … thats right its to dam slow and my video card is just far to old.
Well I am getting a new system so what? Its faster it can run kde4 and all the pretty things.

So a new system is a good excuse to have resource intensive  window managers?? I think not. I don’t care how much CPU power or RAM I have I want lean,fast and clean apps, not heavy fat slow ones “cough vista”

Do I really need kde4? do I really need kde 3.5? I live in terminals so why do I need kde?
I’ve decided to install XFCE. One of the big turn offs about KDE is its hungry, very hungry. I won’t talk about gnome because I just don’t like it. XFCE on the other hand is very light weight and very minimal.
System resource wise its a whole lot lighter then KDE. I also like the fact of how minimal it is compared to KDE.

My current XFCE setup has no visible menus or task bars, so far its working quite well for me.
I know you can do this with kde but why??  If your eating up so much cpu time you best be showing something off for it!

One of the things i want from my new systems is that the User land applications don’t bog my system down. I need to have a nice light window manager. So far XFCE is living up to it . I’d take a screen shot but theres nothing to see!

Once i’ve sorted out what I like, I will post up a list of software for the base build of my new systrem. Gentoo linux of course, why do things the easey way.. wheres the fun in that!

We shall see how XFCE will go maybe I’ll just end up with KDe 4 no idea yet.


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