Norgate and the cheap Sun

Power costs a lot!
Norgate my current SSH tunnel machine is a an old dual P3 2RU Intel white box. Nothing special, its kinda power hungry.

I recently come to acquire a Sun Netra T1 105 for $12 AUD.  I’ll get some pic’s and some specs soon. I will be detailing the swap from the old norgate to the new Sun Sparc system in the following posts.

Things I will be comvering :-
* Using the wack on-board IDE channel on the T1, including useing a laptop HDD  and no SCSI drives.
* Sun Sparc boot prom paths
* Setting up an OpenBSD Netboot Environment
* Getting some generic yumcha four port serial card to work
* Writing a c application to toggle an external opto coupler via serial port
* Setting up PF and other security settings on OpenBSD


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